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Assisting People

Sensory Readable is the latest software from Sensory App House Ltd and is the creation of Paul Blenkhorn, Emeritus Professor of Assistive Technology at Manchester University. Paul, the creator of ClaroRead in 2004, has been a pioneer in the field of assistive technology.

Paul also developed the first Windows Narrator tool for Microsoft, which helps blind users access Windows using speech. With his expertise and dedication to accessibility, Paul has played a vital role in advancing technologies that empower neurodiverse individuals or people with disabilities.

About Sensory App House

Sensory Readable is published by UK based Sensory App House Ltd. Sensory App House has created many apps for speech therapy, AAC communication, early learning, communication and switch accessible “cause and effect” apps and games.

Our Sensory apps are used by therapists and educators to help younger people with visual and speech development as well as sensory issues. We are delighted to have had over 4 million downloads (and counting) through the app stores.


We have a strong understanding of disabilities and difficulties, and make software to help assist, even in the smallest of ways. We develop for many platforms – Windows, iOS, Mac, Chrome/Android and Web Apps. Please contact us about licensing and partnerships around existing software or new assistive projects.


Sensory App House Ltd was founded by Professor Paul Blenkhorn and Dave Stevens, who also both co-founded reading and writing assistive software specialist Claro Software. Sensory App House Ltd is a private company with private funding based in the North West of England.